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15 Things. Go.

Well, I just accepted a 30 day challenge for the next 30 days or posts Here’s my 15 things.

1. I watch a lot of Cartoon Network. Well, just cartoons in general.  Anime does not count as cartoons, by the way.

2. Just so you know, I do like anime. A LOT. I’ve watched DBZ, Inuyasha, Trinity Blood, Blood+, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fooly Cooly, a bit of Ouran Host Club, Naruto… and the list goes on! I used to like Pokemon before too many series started to become apparent.

3. Over the summer I tend to go crazy with things, especially video games. I once played 12 hours straight on summer (aside from dinner). Want to know when I stopped? About 6AM.

4. Know what? I used to think the game Kingdom Hearts was stupid. Why? Disney characters. By then the sequel Chain of Memories was on Gameboy Advance and then when seeing someone progress through the game I saw someone from the Final Fantasy series. Total WTF moment.

5. My tools of the trade when drawing are Sakura Micron Pens or Sharpie pens. Remember my Adventure Time post?

6. My favorite creatures of fantasy are angels, dragons, phoenixes, imps, vampires, hmmm, let me think… how about androids and warmechs?

7. I don’t think Disney was as good as it was before. Only a handful of movies that it makes nowadays are worth the treat, visual or otherwise. Alice in Wonderland and The Princess and the Frog are notable examples.

8. My favorite pieces in chess are the queen and the rook.

9. I’m not a big checkers fan.

10. I bet I’ve had weirder dreams than you, the reader. They’re dreams so odd that not even Alice in Wonderland’s colors are trippy enough as the concept of my subconscious. No, don’t wish to have weird dreams. They’ll keep you up at night.

11. You say Jersey Shore I say Looney Tunes and Family Guy. You say Call of Duty, I say Final Fantasy and Super Mario.

12. My favorite genres to write of are sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural.

13. I like animated films more than real films. They get better ratings.

14. My favorite animated film that is not from Disney, Pixar, or even Dreamworks is Coraline. It’s also the creepiest animated film I have seen. Button eyes, much?

15. I love life, friends, and family, and mostly everything. I’m as easygoing as can be. I’m very eccentric at heart as you will see in the next 29 days.

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Lois in Wonderland

“Alice at last. You were as dimwitted the first time you came bere before; I believe you called it Wonderland as I recall.”

Who’d be able to dream of talking, anthropomorphic creatures along with some bloody big headed queen who controls their world? Lois Griffin probably would. She did at one point have a dream where she tried drowning Stewie, so why not a dream of some world with trippy color?

Lois – in my opinion – would probably be dressed quite sexier than Alice in her dream, and what of her other family members? What would they contribute to the storyline? Peter probably would be the March Hare or the Hatter – both being absolutely crazy and having no control of the zany things they do. Chris would be (with use of CGI) the Tweedle Twins, both very dimwitted. And her son, her youngest son?

Down With The Bloody Football Head! Art (c) by Shigune Matsui

Yep, the Bloody Big Head Red Queen. I figured that since Stewie likes to cross dress, was royalty in his past life also, and in specials such as the parodied renditions of Family Guy’s Star Wars was a villain, I made him the Red Queen. I did this concept since 2010 for the same reason, however I wanted to elaborate more on it.

He still keeps the heart lips that Red Queen does, the heart hairstyle, but the dress is a little different. He keeps Meg as his warm, fat pot bellied pig like in 2010 movie. Meg doesn’t get much glory in the series, and any glory is pried away by the Jaws of Humiliation.

She may have smashing good looks at age 40, but can she defeat the Bloody Football Head and “her” forces?


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DeviantART is a sort of claymore….


I’ve been though DeviantART, looking at pictures and sketch dumps in order to inspire me, should creative block come to feast on my mind. It’s a creativity paradise: digital art that is spotlighted every week, traditional artists (me being one) with pretty good sketch dumps in pen and ink, and many more.

However, DeviantART does have its double edged sword properties. There have been people who trace and get over 1,000,000 pageviews, people who get pageviews by usings “bots”, and people who don’t use much creativity when they know they have enough to do a picture, etc.

I’ve come across users who make OCs, original characters by making actual, established characters, then changing their hairstyle and clothes with the paint brush function, usually in MS Paint. Ever seen a black haired Sonic the Hedgehog or a Blue Sandy Cheeks?

So that’s why I left. And I’m not posting anymore sketch dumps. They’re all going here.

Adventure Time! sketches drawn by me.

Yes, I enjoy sketching out cartoons and anime and also video games. If you want a request, just tell me in the comment box below and I’ll get to you right away.


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