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DeviantART is a sort of claymore….


I’ve been though DeviantART, looking at pictures and sketch dumps in order to inspire me, should creative block come to feast on my mind. It’s a creativity paradise: digital art that is spotlighted every week, traditional artists (me being one) with pretty good sketch dumps in pen and ink, and many more.

However, DeviantART does have its double edged sword properties. There have been people who trace and get over 1,000,000 pageviews, people who get pageviews by usings “bots”, and people who don’t use much creativity when they know they have enough to do a picture, etc.

I’ve come across users who make OCs, original characters by making actual, established characters, then changing their hairstyle and clothes with the paint brush function, usually in MS Paint. Ever seen a black haired Sonic the Hedgehog or a Blue Sandy Cheeks?

So that’s why I left. And I’m not posting anymore sketch dumps. They’re all going here.

Adventure Time! sketches drawn by me.

Yes, I enjoy sketching out cartoons and anime and also video games. If you want a request, just tell me in the comment box below and I’ll get to you right away.


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