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Daily Post #135 and My Movie Picks

What is the film that I have watched the most? Well, I have no absolute answer, so to make it more interesting, I will count down my top movie that I’ve watched for the 2011 year, thus far.

1. Alice in Wonderland (2010)- I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for over a year, I’ve actually drawn some creatures of my own just as homage to this visual treat.

Yay- As I said, it’s a visual treat for the family, being that everything is live action/animated and in stunning CGI (I especially liked seeing Marmoreal). The Red Queen and her tantrums beginning with the words “Off with his/her/their head(s)!” was one of my fave moments.

Nay- It didn’t have the same charm as it did in the original Lewis Carroll books. The Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen are all one person (only the Queen of Hearts sentenced people’s beheadings, not the Red Queen), which makes it a bit confusing for fans of the original Disney movie. I also did not like how they changed Mallymkin, the Dormouse’s gender. In the books and the original movie, the Dormouse was a male, but Mally was changed to be a female.

Also, the Jabberwocky vs Alice fight irked me… a bit. It was awesome seeing the Jabberwocky spewing electric flame (which earlier on killed one of the White Queen’s knights who onwed the Vorpal Sword). However, seeing how Alice killed the Jabberwocky and The Red Queen’s troops rising up against her is like a cliche “Slay the Dragon, Save the Town” kind of concept. Oh, and where’s the White King?

We all know the Red King was decapped by the Red Queen (because the king wanted to leave her for her pure sister).

Final Verdict- 4/5: Putting aside the small changes that Tim Burton put in his film, the film has its funny moments, serious moments, and moments that will bring the family together. Every chance that I get, I always watch this film, especially the part where Alice undergoes the name “Um” (from Umbradge) and how she is instantly liked by the Red Queen.

I suggest watching this if you are one of those aesthetic conscious people.

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