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Write or Die (not really)

There’s bugs outside, some inside, some venomous, some not. Some with eight legs, some with wings, and some that move so fast across your floor. That’s the gist of summer aside from hot temps and the too-sought swimming pool.

Oh, and there’s Write or Die. Write or Die is a website to help you improve your writing speed; you can set your word count but there is a given option of time given to do that word count and the difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more repercussions there will be. On Easy mode, it just tells you through a pop-up that you still must write. Normal, it plays some annoying sounds from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time to demonic baby noises. On Kamikaze Mode… oh, you don’t want to know….

I use this because I’ve been wanting for two years now to write Four, my novella for fun, with a “too-good-to-be-true” concept. I haven’t been doing that good for the past two chapters, and I’m only 25 percent throught chapter 3.

Yeah, I need to keep up the pace.

And I’m stressing. So I guess I’ll go play computer chess.


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